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Spring Appeal Solicitation Mailed
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Allen W. Yee
(Georgia, 1999)

PGS Donald J. Cox
(Temple, 1955)

Michael J. Simmons
(Cal State-Fullerton, 1987)

PGS Larry Rovira
(Cal State-Fullerton, 1985)

Stephen Lawler
(Iowa, 1982)

Eddie Gene Smith
(Missouri-St. Louis, 1970)

Ricky Marshall
(Arkansas State, 1992)

James Jennings
(Murray State, 1993)

Buddy Beck
(Arkansas State, 1958)

John Linker Ray
(Arkansas, 1949)

Richard Soja
(Wake Forest, 1986)

Andy Richard
(Georgia, 1982)

Andrew Salas
(Cal State-Long Beach, 1978)

Michael Ayalon
(SUNY-Buffalo, 1997)

Grand Sage Ed Levesque
(Bridgewater State, 1989)

Paul Hansen
(Valparaiso, 1980)

David Reale
(Monmouth, 1996)

Paul Owen
(Cal State-Long Beach, 1993)

PGS James S. Verplanck
(Mississippi, 1961)

Dr. Charles Wahl
(Rowan, 1992)

Ian Itschner
(Oregon State, 1993)

Les Wright
(Murray State, 1970)

Craig Donnelly
(Loyola-Chicago, 2001)

Matthew Collins
(Georgia, 1987)

Gary Grubacich
(UC-Santa Barbara, 1968)

Dr. Jay Joern Jr.
(Missouri, 1972)

Ronald Tredennick
(Eastern Illinois, 1978)

Andy Morris
(Murray State, 1970)

David Finkel
(UCLA, 1987)

James Espy
(Beloit, 1970)

Russ Furnari
(NJIT, 1979)

Samuel Mann Jr.
(Georgia, 1962)

Richard Marcello, MD
(Franklin & Marshall, 1971)

Brian Devot
(Cal State-Long Beach, 2000)

Mason Cozart
(Southern Arkansas, 1983)

Dr. John Dinka
(Detroit-Mercy, 1983)

Allen Dogger
(Beloit, 1966)

Nelson Farris
(Cal State-Long Beach, 1966)

Barry Jenkins
(Mississippi, 1977)

Rande Johnsen
(Cal State-Long Beach, 1978)

Thomas Luciano
(NJIT, 1970)

John Manobianco
(Northern Arizona, 1976)

Carl Moroney
(UCLA, 1955)

Larry Niederkohr
(Ohio Northern, 1974)

Joseph Palazzolo
(Monmouth, 2003)

William “Mark” Reed II
(Georgia, 1969)

Paul Singer
(Maryland, 1971)

Brian Woodring
(Arkansas State, 2007)

Michael Ayalon
(SUNY-Buffalo, 1997)

Richard Young
(Rhode Island, 1985)

The 2013 Sigma Pi Educational Foundation Annual Report is available online. Double click on the cover to view.

Covering the fiscal year July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 this Annual Report recognizes our loyal annual fund supporters, as well as recognizes our undergraduate members who have made an early commitment to giving back to Sigma Pi by joining our Delta Society program.

Check out our Brotherhood of the Golden Cross supporters who made a contribution of a $1,000 or more during the fiscal year and our Scholarship recipients.

While the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation makes every effort to recognize our donors and list them correctly in our annual report each year, mistakes do occur. We apologize for these errors and would like to acknowledge these corrections on our website.

Thomas Larsen ‘12, Florida State was inadvertently not listed among our Delta Society members

Wesley Emerine ’13, Florida State was inadvertently not listed among our Delta Society members

Ellis Hefner Alpha-Rho ,72 should have been listed as Missouri State under Annual Giving, not Kentucky.


All members of the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation are hereby notified of and invited to attend the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Educational Foundation on August 8, 2014. The meeting shall take place at The  Hilton  Orlando  Bonnet  Creek,   14100  Bonnet  Creek  Resort  Lane,   Orlando,  Florida   32821 (407) 597-3600 commencing at 4:30 PM (ET).
The annual business of the Educational Foundation will be conducted at that time.  Matters up for consideration are:

  • Appointment of Joseph DeCosimo and Company, PLLC as independent auditors
  • Amendments to the bylaws of the Educational Foundation
  • Election of Trustees for the 2014-2018 term

Per the bylaws of the Educational Foundation, proxy voting is not permitted.  Additional information regarding the 2014 Annual Meeting and bylaw amendments up for consideration and review by the membership will be posted soon.   Any questions, please feel free to contact Lisa M. Pearson at the Educational Foundation’s office at 1-615-921-2300.