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As part of the 2018 Mid-Year Leadership Conference, a campaign was established to all donors to contribute directly to MYLC. We extend our gratitude to the following donors:

Marco Carini (Wisconsin ’19)
Jeff Cline (North Carolina State ’88)
PGTC Brian Devot (Cal State Long Beach ’00)
Jonathan Frost (UMSL ’02)
Jay Joern (Missouri ’72)
GS Steve Lawler (Iowa ’82)
Ricky Marshall (Arkansas State ’92)
Todd Miller (UT-Martin ’87)
Jonathan Murray (Christopher Newport ’99)
GSC Joe Palazzolo (Monmouth ’03)
PGH Robert Pankau (Oakland ’05)
David Presson (Murray State ’81)
Saad Shamshair (Rutgers ’15)
GFC Les Wright (Murray State ’70)
Allen Yee (Georgia ’99)
Theta-Phi Chapter

A Message from the Foundation

Congratulations to all of our Sigma Pi brothers who will be graduating this spring & summer. We are proud of you, and we know you all look forward to taking that next step in your lives. Please remember that the Fraternity is a lifetime commitment, so always update your information and keep us notified of work and address changes.

The Delta Society is the first stage of giving for our members while they are undergraduates. This year, we have over 150 Delta Society members that will be graduating. We would like to thank each of those undergraduates contributors for their financial dedication to the Fraternity. It is important to give back to Sigma Pi through scholarships and other funding options as a way to instill the future of giving as a lifetime member of the Fraternity. As you graduate, remember the financial assistance you received to aid you on your academic journey. It is imperative that we continue giving brothers the opportunity to further their education, and we want to assist in providing those opportunities for our future undergraduates. Please contact the Educational Foundation for any questions you may have for the Delta Society or other giving options.

There’s also opportunity to establish a fund for your chapter on the local level. If your chapter does not have a Chapter Educational Fund (CEF), then please contact the Educational Foundation today to receive more information regarding how you can establish one. The CEF program was developed so that alumni and undergraduate Sigma Pi brothers can make tax-deductible gifts that support the long-term strength and improvement of their collegiate chapter. Many brothers are capable of providing significant gifts but do not give to the local chapter directly because their gifts are not tax-deductible, due to IRS regulations. The CEF program provides a solution for this, as gifts made to a CEF through the Educational Foundation ARE tax-deductible. As of April 13, 2018, there are 27 chapters who currently have a CEF, and the Educational Foundation is always looking to have more chapters to begin their own. 

To celebrate our soon to be graduating students and support future ones, please join the 180 undergraduates – who gave this year through the Delta Society or other means – and give back to Sigma Pi today!